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About our NBFE Certified Homestudies:

The senior clinicians at NBFE researched and developed all program material. NBFE ensures the integrity of the programs and considered the level of the needs of the target audience in developing appropriate educational goals and learning objectives. The courses of study meet the high quality standards required for continuing education for Clinical Social Workers, Marriage Family Therapists, and Mental Health Counselors.

NBFE clinicians have provided face-to-face seminars workshops throughout the years. Although we will continue to provide such training, we have made it possible, through home study, to serve the continuing educational needs of the licensed working professionals. To this end, NBFE will maintain the faculty and resources necessary to assist its students in developing and enhancing their capabilities, skills, and effectiveness in their chosen professions. We will continue to research and draft programs to be academically sound, flexible in delivery, and designed and offered to meet the needs of full-time and part-time students and clinicians from the regional, national, and international communities.

NBFE is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP solely is responsible for all aspects of the program. Provider #: 6189

Homestudy Programs

All homestudy programs are sent via email using PDF files and/or web-based surveys.  The only exception involves the Diagnostic Assessment homestudy, in which a book will be mailed to the participant.

Certificates that are suitable for framing will be sent free via e-mail.

Note: Homestudies are nonrefundable.

To learn more and register for a homestudy program, click on the title name below.


Child & Adolescent Development  (Interpersonal Approach)

CEUs:5 Contact Hours
Description:   This program contains the preliminary foundation for early childhood to later developmental processes.  It contains essential information on normal & abnormal development, the interpersonal approach to psychiatry/psychology, developmental stages, the clinical interview and assessment and the direct examination of the child and adolescent.
Title:Child & Adolescent Behavior 
CEUs:12 Contact Hours 
Cost:$84.00 (This homestudy resource book "Bad Children Can Happen To Good Parents" is included as the study guide for this program.)  You will also receive an On-Demand Program with a private link to the 5 hour video.
Description:   This course contains advanced training in assessment, diagnostics and treating child, adolescent and adult psychopathology. The content of this training includes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, early soft signs, how to use anxiety to treat disruptive behavior, the psychopath, profiles of the Uncaring Child Syndrome, chemical dependence, dominance and the treatment process.
 Title:A Clinical Approach To Music Therapy
CEUs:4 Contact Hours 
Description:   This course will begin with a brief history of music therapy, from the earliest known records of men living in groups to modern times. There will also be descriptions of the work with autistics, psychotics and psychopathologically disturbed individual's who previously were considered treatment resistive. You will be provided clinical presentations and specially designed techniques to work with patients otherwise considered untreatable. You will also be introduced to the Hoffman Organicity Test, an objective diagnostic screening tool to differentiate between organic and non-organic brain disorder.
 Title:Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children & Adults
CEUs:2 Contact Hours 
Description:   This course will provide detailed current information on understanding, recognizing, and enhancing therapeutic skills and treatment plans for those professionals who are clinically involved with children and adults suspected to have the characteristics of AD(H)D.
 Title:A Clinical Approach to Disabilities of Children Adolescents
CEUs:4 Contact Hours 
Description:   This course will assist the mental health clinician in utilizing and developing skills to work more effectively with their disabled patients. The participant will gain an empathic understanding of the psychological aspects and treatment that can apply to those suffering from the onset of any disabling condition.
 Title:Child Custody Evaluators Certification Training Homestudy
CEUs:5 Contact Hours 
Cost:$75.00 This course will be sent to you via email.  We no longer have hard                copies.  You will also receive our Certification Training Manual Free.
Description:  *


This course contains two manuals and will help enable the mental health professional and forensic counselors understand the psycho-social-legal process of divorce and custody and develop the necessary skills to assess, write reports, testify and perform quality child custody evaluations. This course is approved by the NBFE Board of Directors as partial fulfillment of the necessary requirements for credentialing as a Forensic Mental Health Evaluator.

This course is approved by the NBFE advisory board as partial fulfillment of the necessary requirements for credentialing as a Forensic Mental Health Evaluator.

 TitleA Clinical Approach to Treating Mood and Anxiety Disorders
CEUs5 Contact Hours 
Description:   Mood Disorders and Anxiety Disorders are the most relevant disorders seen today by mental health professionals. Mood is a persistent emotional state (as differentiated from affect, which is the external display of feelings). The term anxiety refers to many states in which the sufferer experiences a sense of impending threat or doom that is not well defined or realistically based.

Our professional staff at CPC have developed a distant learning program designed to enhance the knowledge and treatment skills of the mental health professional.
 TitleBatterers/Victims Assessment
CEUs4 Contact Hours
Description:   This course will provide detailed current information on understanding, recognizing, and enhancing therapeutic skills and treatment plans for those mental health professionals and forensic counselors who are clinically involved with victims of men. There is valuable information to assist the forensic psychological evaluation in profiling, and, assessing the batterer and victim.

This course is approved by the NBFE advisory board as partial fulfillment of the necessary requirements for credentialing as a Forensic Mental Health Evaluator.

Diagnostic Assessment

CEUs:30 Contact Hours 
Description:   NOTE TO CLINICIANS Vampire Royalty: The Rebellion, was written as a fiction, horror novel.  However, because of the psychodynamic plot, and the manner in which the subjects interact and behave, the book and posttest were forwarded to the National Board for Clinical Counselors (NBCC) for approval as a homestudy program on diagnostic assessement.  Subsequently, NBCC approved this program for 3 CEU's (30 contact hours) towards state licensure.

The material in this book may be looked at in two diverse ways.  The subject matter is based on a fictionalized theme with fictionalized characters.  However, the way this book should be considered, is for the clinician to view the subjects as they would if they scheduled a client for a mental health assessment. The clinician would interview the client to determine his current mental status, explore psychosocial information during the assessment, determine diagnoses, and develop a treatment plan.  It is with this in mind, that the readers must focus their attention to the intrapsychic dynamics, and interpersonal development of each character, and their psychological state of mind.  The material, theme and characters, therefore, become real and are the impetus for the clinicians assessment and diagnoses.

Other Resources

 TitleNBFE Credentialing Manual
Cost: $55.00

This manual will provide the veteran forensic mental health evaluator and candidate seeking the NBFE credential, essential forensic mental health clinical material.  This manual will cover a plethora of subjects including: domestic violence, chemical dependency, competency to stand trial, personal injury, malingering, juvenile justice, psychopathology, sexual offenders, involuntary commitment, expert testimony, the written report, landmark cases, written and oral study guides for the credentialing process, and forensic mental health evaluation samples.

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